Friday, April 15, 2011

Room 4 celebrate Easter. . .

Hi there from Room 4!

We have worked hard creating our Easter bunny hats.

We also wrote a class story together saying. . .

"We will feel like Kings and Queens when we walk into assembly!"

Happy holidays everyone - keep safe and God bless.

Love from the Room 4 rockstars.


  1. Hey there room 4,

    I loved that story and picture of you gouys so have a lovely easter and that is a great bunny hat so keep it up room 4. Keep safe on holiday keep on working hard next term.

    Love From the lovely Sela Room 13

  2. hay hay hay room 4
    what and coooooooooooooooool picture of you guys you look sooooo cut you rock team one

  3. It was good of you to do Easter stuff i think you were excellent with the masks good job!

    from Caleb at stonefields school

  4. Hi Room 4 my name is Maru and I am a senior I came on your blog to look at your wonderful work. I really like your bunny hats you remind me of real cute bunny's. Keep up with the good work.

  5. Hey room 4. the girls that just commented on your work were my friends. love the good work. ka pai room 4. what are you gonna do for next holidays? may god bless all of you.

    keep it up
    special thanks to teacher of room 4.

  6. cool pictures of you room 4 from germaines familly


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