Thursday, July 23, 2009

Khaia's Stegosaurus

My Stegosaurus eats plants and bushes.
By Khaia


  1. I love Dinosaurs Khaia. I especially love the colourful Dinosuars you have drawn. Wow, what an artist you are.....
    I'll keep popping back and looking at your classes wonderful work. Your teacher must be very proud of you all.
    From Mrs Jamieson

  2. Hi Khaia its mum. i love your stegosaurus, its exactly how id picture a stegosaurus thousands of years ago! i also love the colours that you used. You draw very well my darling and im proud of you :)

  3. hi khaia

    i LOVE your stegosaurus that you drew!i also like the colours like the yellow stegosaurus.i think it is really cool.AMAZING!

  4. I am going to put your drawings on tshirts! i think they are so cool!!!

    ♥ Daddy


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